Henry Ford Peace Ship ~ 1915

A long standing pacifist, Henry Ford was encouraged to try to stop World War One by a movement originated by the
Woman’s Peace Party to organize a peace conference in Stockholm to discuss ways the conflict could be brought to an end. Ford came up with the idea to gather and send influential pacifists to Europe to see if they could negotiate and agreement to
stop the war. Ford had leased the ship Oskar II and planned to sail from Hoboken, NJ on December 4, 1915. Representatives
included dignitaries from Denmark, Holland, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Unable however, to convince the warring nations to come to an armistice, the trip, while well meaning, did little to help Henry Ford's public image. The press generally condemned Ford’s efforts with editorials calling it “an impossible effort to establish an inopportune peace” The New York Herald called it “one of the cruelest jokes of the century.”




It is rumored that Henry Ford offered Thomas Edison, a close personal friend who was there to see him off, a million dollars if he would join the trip dignitaries, but Mr. Edison slowly shook his headand wished Henry Ford a good voyage. Eddie Jackson, also a close friend of Thomas Edison,was one of the few photographersallowed on the Oskar II before it sailed to take this photo of a very tired Ford.
Henry Ford and his New York manager, Gaston Plantiff, stand on the deck of the ship Oskar II—his Peace Ship, on a cold December morning in 1915.

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